1. Within the scope of Article 9 of Istanbul Technical University Undergraduate Education and Training Regulation; For each student, a faculty member is appointed as an advisor in our department.
  2. The advisor monitors the student throughout his/her education and advises the student regarding the compulsory and elective courses that the student should take within the framework of the undergraduate education program that the student is continuing.
  3. The student chooses his/her courses during the registration or renewal. In particular, he/she gets advice from the advisor about the higher-level courses and then completes the online registration process. In addition to the academic development of the student, the advisor faculty member also contributes to the orientation of the student to individual, vocational, internship, and graduate programs.
  4. At the beginning of each academic year, the advising systems is explained in the "MET 101E Int. to Metall. & Mat. Engn. % Eng. Ethics " course to the freshmen.
  5. Similar information is provided at the end-of-term meetings held by the department chair with the students each semester.
  6. Under the coordination of deputy head of department who is responsible for education and student affairs, the department chair ensures that the necessary arrangements are made for the system to function better and shares them with the faculty.