Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

ITU Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is the department that develops useful engineering solutions in its field with a multi-disciplinary approach and associates it with basic sciences. Understanding the production, structure, composition and properties of materials, developing innovative materials based on these properties, and putting forward efficient and sustainable alternatives constitute the basis of our work..

The production - structure - property - performance relationship is completed by examining the performances of the laboratories and research studies in our department, from ore preparation methods, production, material development and their characterization at every stage, as well as the production method - structure - property and application area. Materials characterization, powder metallurgy, ceramic synthesis and forming, thin ceramic film production and surface engineering, extractive metallurgy, mechanical metallurgy, casting and electron microscopy, polymer materials research and development laboratories are all at international level. In addition, our department trains engineers who design, develop and apply applications and materials that provide solutions to national and international problems and bottlenecks by developing groundbreaking materials and revealing properties for emerging trends and innovative applications, examining the effects of process parameters on final properties.


In Turkey, Metallurgical Engineering education at university level and in a complementary structure started at ITU Mining Faculty. Production Metallurgy and Physical Metallurgy chairs were established at the Faculty of Mining in 1957 and he completed his education at MIT, USA. With the inclusion of Recep SAFOĞLU in the faculty, Metallurgy education was initiated. Later, Sezai CANKUT was also included in this staff.In the 1961-62 academic year, these two chairs within the Faculty of Mining were organized as the "Department of Metallurgy" and the first Metallurgical Engineering education was started. Those who left the department from the 3rd grade students in those years completed the last two years of their education in this department and graduated as a Metallurgical Engineer in 1963-64.The establishment and development of the department accelerated with the aid of AID provided in those years and the arrival of three professors (Prof. Wickmann, Prof. Winston and Prof. Anderson) from the Colorado School of Mines, and Assoc. Dr. Veli AYTEKIN also joined the department. Later, Turkey's first Metallurgy Professor, Prof. AYTEKIN has made great contributions to the development of the profession.he name of the department was later changed to "Metallurgical Engineering Department". This department established Turkey's first Metallurgy Faculty in 1976. The Faculty of Metallurgy was merged with the Faculty of Chemistry in 1982 and was named the Faculty of Chemistry-Metallurgy. The name of the Department was changed to "Metallurgy and Materials Engineering" in 1998 as a result of the changing needs of the country, the developments in science and technology, and the change in the education program.




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ITU Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Undergraduate Program: Accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET,, (Criteria: Materials Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering)

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