General Informations

  • ITU General Internship Rules of Procedures 
  • Additional Internship Rules of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 

NB1: İTÜ Centeral Internship Unit responsibles for Portal accounts and insurance issues, according to these issues you should contact with them. 

NB2: Please, do not directly ask explained directives in rules of procedures. 

NB3: Internship comission responsibles for implementing the directives and controlling the internship convenience. The rules, directives and regulations are inalterable! 

Internship record book is accessible on "Portal Account"  -> Student -> Internship -> Files.

Frequently Asked Questions

The information contained herein is valid only for internships of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department students. 

  • Please, read details in ITU General Rules of Internship Precodures and our department internship regulations and directives.
  • The institution where the internship will take place is found by the student who will do the internship. However, announcements regarding institutions that want to employ intern students are posted under the Department's website/internship tab. 
  • Your internship documents will be uploaded to ITU Portal. For the documents to be signed, you must upload the document to relevant tab on the Portal after the signature process. The documents received as a result of the transactions made on the Portal will be processed. 
  • Your internship sequence is recommended as workshop, production, and management. However, this order can be changed in terms of the competence of the company you want to do internship. 
  • After the internship record book is uploaded through the Portal, the Department Internship Committee should be informed (Portal system does not send notification that the action has been taken).

Our school's centeral internship unit and our department's internship commissions are active regarding internship. The duties of the units and comissions that are active in the field of internship are specified in the ITU Internship General Principles for the Centeral Internship Unit (in section 3) and for Internship Commissions (in section 2). 

About internship documents:

For Appendix-1 process, you must carefully follow the steps below:

  • A registration for internship is added on the Portal, company information and your personal information are added into this system completely.
  • After the internship registration on the Portal, Annex-1 document will be created automatically. This document is signed by the student, and is presented to the internship comission as stamped/signed by the firm where internship will be held. Make sure that all information is filled in completely and the signatures are complete in the document to be sent to the internship commission!.
  • In the internship days section of Annex-1, mark the days you will do internship in "round".
  • In case of missing information in Annex-1, this document will not be approaved and will not be sent back to you. Therefore, ENSURE THAT THIS DOCUMENT IS COMPLETELY AND CORRECTLY FILLED!
  • The document signed by the internship commission will be delivered to you.
  • The document containing all 3 signatures (student, internship firm, and commission) is sent by the student to the Faculty Dean's Office for signature.

Annex-4 is the document regarding payments, you can contact the Central Internship Unit for insurance transactions and payments.

About internship record book:

  • Internship record book format is explained in detail in ITU General Internship Rules of Procedures at Article 28. Your internship record book should be in the order of: cover page, content pages (work done, drawings, photos etc.) and student internship evaluation form (on the last page).
  • Student internship evaluation form and employer internship evaluation form are available in our department's intership documents at
  • The employer internship evaluation form (internship registration slip) should be sent to by e-mail or send with post from company (by sealed envelope), or by the intern student posting/hand delivered (by sealed envelope). The intern student should not send the internship evaluation form via e-mail!

Deadlines of internship submissions:

  • ITU General Internship Rules of Procedures Section 8 - Article 24:
    • For summer internships: It must be submitted within after one month from first day new academic year. 
    • For internships during the semester: It must be submitted within 15 days following the end of internship.

About saturday and sunday as an internship days :

  • Students who at least 2 free working days during semester or summer school can plan internship with school days and work days. 
  • ITU General Internship Rules of Procedures Section 1 - Article 4: The definition of "work days" used in the general regulations of internship refers to the working day (including starudays and sundays) of the institutions/organization/firm where the student will do the internship.
    • Students should specify the days of their internship in Annex-1 documents.  

About the internship counting process of double major program (DMP) students or who transferred to our department:

  • Student who are in double major program or who want to transfer and have their previous internships counted, first notify the student affairs with a petition. Attaching the internship book in addition to the petition is required in order for your internship substitution request to be avluated by our Department's Internship Commission. 
  • The petition is submitted to the Internship Committee of our Department by the student affairs department. 
  • First of all, the internships that have been done and wanted to be conted must be entered into the system by their own programs.